Ports, Harbours, Jetties, Marine Terminals, Break Waters & Dredging

SV Enviro is also providing major service to the ports, harbours, jetties, marine terminals and other related services. Ports and harbours are the gateways of maritime trade as also inland transport. Need to enhance the standard of living calls for continual growth in the economy and calls for rapid industrialization and commensurate development of all the associated sectors of the country as a whole. However, port development and operational activities may create a wide range of impact on the environment through activities like dredging, reclamation, construction work, development of utilities and services, discharges from ships and waterfront industries, cargo operations and other port related activities. The potential adverse effects of port development encompass water pollution, contamination of bottom sediments, damage to marine ecology and fisheries, beach erosion/ accretion, current pattern changes, waste disposal, oil leakage and spillage, emission of hazardous gases, air pollution, noise pollution, flood light effect and other socio-cultural impact. In this connection, SV Enviro plan and prepare the following services

  1. Marine EIA studies
  2. Comprehensive EIA/EMP
  3. Hydrodynamic studies
  4.  Shoreline change studies
  5. Oil Spill & Contingency plan
  6. Baseline Studies & assistance in public hearing
  7. Social Impact Assessment & R & R Planning
  8. Dredge Disposal and Bathymetry Studies
  9. EFE & CFO from various state PCBs
  10. Statutory Compliances for MoEF/SPCB/MARPOL
  11. Assistance in HTL and LTL Mapping
  12. Sewage Treatment & ETP
  13. Fugitive Dust Control
  14. Water Management & RWH systems
  15. Piezo  wells
  16. Marine Bore Hole
  17. Air Pollution Control Equipments