S V Enviro provides EIA services an objective basis for decision-making and is relevant for offshore and onshore oil and gas exploration, development, production, decommissioning and infrastructure projects. Our procedure is based on EIA standards, and each EIA we undertake is designed to meet national and regional regulatory requirements and company standards. We are experienced in working closely with engineers and project teams of oil and gas operators, capturing key project data and proposing robust mitigation measures to ensure timely project approval. Our multidisciplinary, integrated approach can identify, predict and evaluate potential impacts, suggest sound environmental solutions and adequate mitigation measures, and provide a high quality basis for major decisions and smooth authority approval.

Services Such As:

Marine EIA studies

Comprehensive EIA/EMP

Hydrodynamic studies

 Shoreline change studies

Oil Spill & Contingency plan

Baseline Studies & assistance in public hearing

Social Impact Assessment & R & R Planning

Dredge Disposal and Bathymetry Studies

EFE & CFO from various state PCBs

Statutory Compliances for MoEF/SPCB/MARPOL

Assistance in HTL and LTL Mapping

Sewage Treatment & ETP