Building and large construction projects

The green cover, ground water resources have been forced to give way to the rapidly developing urban centres. Modern buildings built in our cities have high levels of energy consumption because of requirements of air-conditioning and lighting. In this scenario, SV Enviro (EIA Notification, 2006) is involved to set the procedure of environmental clearance for B1 and B2 category projects. The objective of the EIA Notification, 2006 is to set procedures of environmental clearance before establishment of identified nature and size. The suitability of site for a proposed development is one of primary concerns in according environmental clearance to a project.

  1. Comprehensive EIA/EMP
  2. Baseline Studies & assistance in public hearing
  3. Social Impact Assessment & R & R Planning
  4. EFE & CFO from various state PCBs
  5. Statutory Compliances for MoEF/SPCB
  6. Sewage Treatment & ETP
  7. Fugitive Dust Control
  8. Water Management & RWH systems